Child of Promise Vinyl Wall Decal


You are a Child of God

Let This Wall Decal Speak This Promise to You

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  • 8 Color Choices
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Rise Up and Take Your Place

life is tough, but His Kingdom is your dwelling place

As a child of the King, you know your place. Right next to the King, of course. And as a child of the King you are an heir to the Kingdom and His promises. A true blessing for you because you know that all His promises are “yes” and “amen”. This powerful vinyl decal will help your heart to remember your calling every time you read it. Place it strategically so you see this life-giving decal every day. 

You are a Child of Promise

Options for the placement this promising wall decal are numerous: 

  • Nursery for the baby of promise.
  • On a mirror where you get ready every day.
  • As a gift for a baby shower.
  • In the bedroom of an adopted child.
  • In your office to speak life as you work
Your promised child has come and it's time to decorate the nursery
Homework will be a joy when your child works while knowing they have promises

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A Daughter of Promise knows the value of “yes” and “amen”. It speaks to her from her wall.

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10×30", 14×43" add ($16.00), 18×55" add ($23.00)


Black, Brown, Dark Red, Ice Blue, Gentian Blue, Light Brown, Medium Grey, White


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